Has Google Rolled Out Local Maps Algorithm Recently?

Google Google Map Google Update News SEO admin August 7, 2018
Google Local Maps Algorithm

Lately, have you seen any change in your local search result? When all the web is talking about the big core algorithm update, there may be a local search update too. It is true, that the local ranking and core search ranking are two different fields and one update does not affect the other. So the webmasters have predicted another Google Local maps update due to the significant fluctuation in ranking.


And it is also unusual that Google might have rolled out both of the updates on the same day. It has been assumed that the local updates may have started 30th July and continued till 1st August and after that, the big core update was started to roll.


Joy Hawkins, one of the known local SEO experts experienced the fluctuation in search result expressed her view on the social media platform, Twitter;


 “A huge influx in local rankings due to filter changes. We had a consultation recently with an attorney who experienced a huge change in his ranking. Organic went up but local went down as a result of this update. As I’ve been preaching lately – the 2 algorithms work differently. This update appears to have impacted both.

Here’s a good graph that outlines that well. For this keyword, the attorney increased in organic and decreased in local after this update.”


If you have seen any fluctuation on your local search please let us know.

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