Google’s Search Plus Your World Promo Returns

  • April 17, 2012
  • News

Google has launched a new addition called Google search plus your world in which searches would be personalized. When you are logged in through your Google+ account, all your search result would have the pictures, videos and data which have been posted by your peer group or the people you know. The search would be very easy and it will not show you the result from world wide websites but to limited source which you actually need.  Google allow the user to click on the +1 button which is on the right side of each result  to recommend the particular site and it will show to the later searches done by the peer groups and listed friends in Google plus.

As per the observations, it is an integration of Google search and Google plus by which Google is popularizing its own content of Google plus. The searches of user first give the result which their friends have shared on social networking sites but it seems that Google is only integrating the result of its own Google plus instead of including the other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. Facebook and twitter are not content with the Google for self-promotion and showing the result integrated with Google plus only.


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