Google’s June-July Updates

  • August 14, 2012
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Google has finally announced his new update on August 13 about the search quality and algorithms changes for the better results. Google skipped his one update of July and has banged with this new June-July update, the biggest ever algorithm by Google.  It comes around 86 changes by this new update.

The main issue of Google was getting same site domain for single result. Some of the domains were dominating the search result by acquiring top 8-9 search results on first page.

Site clustering

Methinks that has to do with what Google calls “site clustering,” and that was a common item in Google’s blog post:

  • #82541. [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] Google is working on multiple projects like this to make this system for clustering web results better and simpler.
  • NoPathsForClustering. [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] For better and simpler results, Google has made an algorithm for clustering web results from the same sites or doamins more consistent.
  • bergen. [project codename “Other Ranking Components”] This is another project to make clustering better and simpler for the search results.

Google has decided earlier on this topic as well that no more than 2-3 results from one domain would appear, and the 2nd/3rd results would be indented below the first.  There has been lot of changes in this context and Google removed the indents and began showing nearly a full page of results from a single domain — and later pulled back on that, limiting a single domain to only getting about four listings on a single page of results.

From few days back, it seems like Google has changed it again as seeing 8-9 results from one domain by the users. Google is changing its algorithm daily basis and it looks like we can suspect more in coming times as site clustering is concerned.

Page Quality

The new project of Google is “Page Quality” which has lot more changes and big surprise to viewers and site owners.

Bamse. [project codename “Page Quality”] This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.

Bamse-17L. [project codename “Page Quality”] This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.

GreenLandII. [project codename “Page Quality”] We’ve incorporated new data into the Panda algorithm to better detect high-quality sites and pages.

#82353. [project codename “Page Quality”] This change refreshes data for the Panda high-quality sites algorithm.

#82666. [project codename “Page Quality”] This launch helps you find more high-quality content from trusted sources.

Hamel. [project codename “Page Quality”] This change updates a model we use to help you find high-quality pages with unique content.

As it can be seen easily that, Google has main concerned of “High-quality content” … “trusted sources” … “unique content” from last 18 months and so on.


ng2. [project codename “Other Ranking Components”]  This is a way to get new and improved ranking functions for combining several key features.

Sitelink Changes

Sitelinks has main four changes:-

gas station. [project codename “Snippets”] This change removes the boilerplate text in sitelinks titles, keeping only the information useful to the user.

Manzana2. [project codename “Snippets”] This launch improves clustering and ranking of links in the expanded sitelinks feature.

yoyo. [project codename “Snippets”] This change leads to more useful text in sitelinks.

Challenger. [project codename “Snippets”] This is another change that will help get rid of generic boilerplate text in Web results’ titles, particularly for sitelinks.


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