Google Zurich Arranging An Interview Session With Local SEO

Google News admin July 24, 2018
Google Zurich

John Mueller of Google recently posted on his Twitter handle that the search engine giant is looking for local SEOs near Zurich, Switzerland. They will arrange an interview session with them regarding their help and developer documentation. He wrote on the social media platform; “We’re looking for an SEO to drop by our Zurich office on Thursday, July 26 for a short user-study. We’d love your input regarding our docs!”


Yesterday, he posted another update regarding the session. It seems that many non-seo people were asking to take part in that interview. But he clarified that he is really looking for core SEO people and that too local as Google may not arrange some travel expenses.


If you put up near Zurich, then it is your grand opportunity to help Google and vise-versa.

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