Google Webmaster Increased Search Analytics API Result To 25000/Row

Google News admin July 16, 2018
Google Webmaster

Recently, Google has announced on Twitter that the maximum number of search results or you can say row of data per request from the Google Search Analytics API is now 25,000. Previously the number was 5,000 only and now there is a huge increase of 20,000 search result per row.


Google has also made an improvisation in the developer documentation and added the way to get the data from the Google Search Analytics API.




The search engine giant stated on its Twitter handle, “we recently increased the max results/request to 25k and put together a guide for getting all your site’s data” for the Search Analytics API.”


They have also informed that the ‘filtered’ queries will be included as ‘others’ in the API. It will simplify the pagination and clear the query data comparison, later they added on their social media handle.



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