Google Pigeon Update

  • July 26, 2014
  • News

On 24th of July, 2014; Google has announced quite a significant local search algorithm update. Though initially the renowned search engine had informed that the update has got no specific name, now it has came to be called as PIGEON as it is a local search update compared to the innocent bird that keeps returning home.

The update released is said to improve the complete search results by offering more relevant, useful and accurate local end results that are associated more closely to customary web search ranking signals. The alterations will be noticeable within the Google Web search results as well as the Google Maps search results. There will be major changes taking place behind the scenes which will have a direct affect on the local searches and rankings making them increase or decrease in the web site referrals.

In the words of Google, the recent update is deeply related with their web search capabilities such as spelling correction, knowledge graph and synonyms. In addition to this, the new algorithm will enhance their location and distance ranking parameters. Rolled out for US English results, Pigeon will offer a lending hand in getting more relevant and useful local search outputs. On the other hand, Google has not yet informed when exactly the new algorithm update will be more widely rolled out to other nations. Plus it has also not been confirmed whether some web spam algorithms were deployed in this update or not.


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