Google Page Rank Updated on 06-Dec-2013

  • December 6, 2013
  • News

The new Google Page Rank updates for December 2013 are finally out. This would be the first Google Page rank since the update in February 04 2013, which is probably the longest time Google has gone without an update. Briefly sparking rumours that Google Page rank is probably dead and there shall be no more updates. Although there haven’t been any official announcements from Google, many websites have observed a change in their Google Page Rank, which can be easily checked on the Google toolbar.

Google Page Rank Tool

Google PageRank or PenguinRank is an algorithm named after Google founder Larry Page which determines the relevancy of your page based on the number of inbound links. Now despite the fact that it is called ‘Rank’ PageRank is actually a score, which implies that, the higher your Google PageRank the better. Google calls it a democratic system for ranking the pages which counts all your inbound links as votes.

The new PageRank updates have brought mostly good news thanks to improved page ranks although a lot of people still haven’t come to terms with the sudden change in their Google Page Ranks. Especially after Matt Cutts, Google’s search spam head made a statement saying that he would be surprised if Google updated the page ranks this year.


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