Google Page Rank Update May 2012


On 3rd May 2012 Google has rolled out his Page Rank toolbar and announced the second Page Rank of 2012.

Page Rank is importance of any web page in the eyes of Google. Page Rank is measured by different toolbars and Google do it by own Google toolbar for Page Rank. Google has not fixed any date for its PR. Page rank does not depend on any single factor but many. The most important feature of Page Rank is Backlinks and website content.


There has been a myth that Google Page Rank is the main ranking of the site but Google has explained this thing various times that it has no direct links with the Page Rank Update. Ranking contains many other factors as well.

In the month of April Google launched two algorithms Panda Update and Google Penguin which has already disturbed SEOs, webmasters, blog owners and online marketers. Google has no fix time for update but analyzing by the last dates of Page Rank update. The enumeration is Google is updating quarterly.

The last Google Page Rank Update was on

  • Current Page Rank Update: 3 May 2012
  • Previous Page Rank Update: 6 Feb 2012
  • PageRank updated on November 7th 2011.
  • PageRank updated on August 4th 2011.



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