Google Mobile Friendly Update

  • April 22, 2015
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Walking with the trending world has become a mandate for Google as well. Which made them come up with a fresh idea, that is the ‘Mobile Friendly Update’. Almost every individual uses his or her mobile to surf through internet. So to increase the indent of the mobile phone users Google couldn’t stop itself but launch this exciting update. It was on 21st April 2015, when the giant search engine hits the deck with its latest update for all the mobile users.

Considering the fact that this is another very compelling update by Google that will not only help one find significant results but also the worthy ones. Considerations which need to be kept in mind by varied website owners would be to keep the text readable, appropriate spaces used, no horizontal scrolling and more. All the Webmasters need to be aware, as now, there will be changes in the way Googlebot keeps an eye on the pages and search rankings. The recent mobile friendly update will modify the search ranking on mobile devices only, with alterations to individual pages not the whole website.

What the owners will have to examine is whether their individual pages fall in the category of mobile friendly update or not. With ‘Mobile Friendly Test’ and the ‘Mobile usability report’ tools, it will be a lot more easier for all to inquire about the pages as well as the site, respectively. The increasing rate of using cell phones can affect the mobile traffic from Google search. So to have an accelerated promotion of your sites and for better ranking of your pages in mobile friendly searches make sure you ask the search engine to ‘crawl and index your URL .


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