Google Launches 3.2 Panda Update

  • January 31, 2012
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Google launches new Panda update on 18th January 2012. Earlier it has been informed that the Google just went for a data refresh of the Google Panda algorithm a few days ago, and there was no possibility of algorithm changes. Though the new update was expected to be launched in December 2011, it somehow could not be possible and Google slated it to be launched in mid January 2012.

Google brings this new update following an upsurge in complaints coming from various webmasters who claimed to have lost their rankings. But, some also reported that the sites which were hit by the Google panda regained traffic level pre-panda. This was all due to data refresh where Google ran the algorithm and updated the sites that should or should have not been touched by Panda.
Google Panda is an algorithm that first came in the market in February 2011 and changed the SEO world forever. Soon after its rollout, Google Panda affected the ranking of more than 12% of all search results. Google Panda lowers the rank of low-quality sites and places the higher quality sites at the top of the search results. It acts like a quality filter on search results, using survey data to determine desirable and undesirable characteristics of the site.
Previous Panda Updates
List below mentions all Panda updates that have taken place so far.
Panda Update 1.0 (24 February 2011)
Panda Update 2.0 (11 April 2011)
Panda Update 2.1 (10 May 2011)
Panda Update 2.2 (16 June 2011)
Panda Update 2.3 (23 July 2011)
Panda Update 2.4 (12 August 2011)
Panda Update 2.5 (28 September 2011)
Panda Update 3.0 (19 October 2011)
Panda Update 3.1 (18 November 2011)
Panda Update 3.2 (18 January 2012)


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