Google Expert Pedro Dias Explain Disavow Tools Over Twitter

Google Google Update News SEO Tools Debarati Nath August 2, 2018
Google Disavow Tools

Pedro John, the director of the optimization in Google has recently explained the function of the Disavow tool on Twitter. Lately, digital marketing expert Sumit Kumar Gupta asked on Twitter how Disavow Tools work to remove the bad links. He has requested to remove the bad links one month ago but those are still showing in SERP.


To solve this query, Pedro (Director of Optimization of Google) informed that the bad links are not removed by disavow file rather it discounts the effect of those on the website. The webmaster will not realize the changes in the Search Console. Along with it, he also told that the time to see any change in the result varies as there is no definite time for Google crawling for your website and attached links.


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