Google Confirms Popular Pages Are Crawled More Than Others

Google News admin August 20, 2018
Google Confirms Popular Pages Are Crawled

John Mueller of Google finally confirmed that the Search Engine Giant crawls pages more often which are important and popular. It is a sign to all the webmaster to understand the popularity and importance of the pages according to the rate of crawls. John posted on Twitter; “If we don’t crawl then that often, usually that’s a sign that we didn’t think they were that important, which might help confirm that they were ok to remove.”


He later explained the things in details in a Google blog post related to crawl budget.


Even if the crawl rate limit isn’t reached, if there’s no demand from indexing, there will be low activity from Googlebot. The two factors that play a significant role in determining crawl demand are:


Popularity: URLs that are more popular on the Internet tend to be crawled more often to keep them fresher in our index.


Staleness: our systems attempt to prevent URLs from becoming stale in the index.”


He also mentioned on the blog that the rate of crawl will not be a necessary factor in the search result, there are many other signals which will help to rank in search results.


Check out the Tweet of John here:


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