Google Come Up With New Tool That Grades A Site’s SEO Execution

News admin November 26, 2018

Google has recently launched a tool that would be excellently used to measure various aspects of a website and its performance. It also efficiently analyses how well SEO practices are performing. Presently, this tool is in open beta and accessible at is designed with the aim to assist web developers and website owners to put on current web competencies by providing the right analytics and recommendations.


As per the Google, due to the increased demand for excellent website performance, it is greatly required to achieve high-quality user experience. And, if fails in doing so, the site traffic easily gets diverted to another platform. This is not obviously what marketers want for their businesses. Though, now the web has developed with new features that help in offering the best user experience and hence the market status.


To help out the marketers in providing the appreciable user experience, has come up with the SEO audits, performance and a lot more.


The tool covers the following:


Performance: The tool performs audits for metrics to regulate lag.
Best Practices: Check everything, including HTTPS usage, correct image aspect ratios and more.


PWA: Assesses the web page counter to the baseline Progressive Web App Checklist.


Accessibility: Analyse those issues that are responsible for user diversion from the site content.


SEO: Evaluates for the finest SEO practices to ascertain that the website is discoverable.

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