Google Buy A Property in DFW Slated For Data Centre

Google News admin August 1, 2018
Google has bought a property

In Dallas, Google has bought a property which is almost $500 million investment approximately. The slot was reserved for a data center. Andrew Silvestri, the head of public policy and community relations for the central US part at Google has confirmed that the location is in the city of Midlothian.


As per the agreement with the city of Midlothian, Ellis County and Texas, the data center will provide a minimum 40 jobs along with an investment of $500 million in five years.


“While we do not have a confirmed timeline for development for the site, we want to ensure that we have the option to further grow should our business demand it,” Silvestri informed in the mail.


The site for the data center is near to the industrial operations like the distribution center for Target.

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