Google AdWords Now Become Google Ads

Google News admin July 27, 2018
Google Ads

On 27th June, Google announced the whole rebranding of its advertising products. With this announcement, from 24th July Google AdWords is no longer the same; rather it has been shifted to a new brand platform, known as Google Ads. This change is supposed to make the advertising task comparatively easier for small and local business to advertise and promote across various PPC channels. Small marketers can now easily choose the right solutions for their business enhancement. They can deliver valuable and reliable ads through partner pages and videos to reach to the maximum number of potential customers.


The second change is that the Google Marketing Platform will now merge the DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360 tools into one entity. A new product, known as Display & Video 360 is also released under this platform. This new product combines all the features of Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Bid Manager, Studio and Audience Centre. The reason behind this modification is the today’s marketing demand and need for the ultimate results.

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