Google AdWords – How To Setup Broad Match Modifiers

Google Google AdWord PPC admin June 18, 2018
Broad Match Modifiers

Google introduced a new Adwords feature that facilitates you create more targeted keywords as compared to that of Broad match type. This keyword type is well termed as the Broad Match Modifier (BMM). This type of keyword match has great reach as compared to that of phrase and exact match. It provides more control than the broad match and more choice than phrase match.


It initiates with a ‘+’ sign in front of the words that are selected for broad match modifier. User’s search will match only if the same words are looked for which are preceded by ‘+’ sign. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose your keyword is +black shoes then it will match to the search query like women’s black shoes, black shoes for men etc but it will not match with ‘blue shoes’ or ‘black floaters’ as the word black and shoes are missing respectively.


Broad match modifiers let your keywords achieve higher CTR with an increased targeted audience. This brings more potential customers to your sites and ultimately raises your business profit margin.


Steps to set up broad match modifiers


1. First sign in your Google Adwords account.
2. On the left-hand side of page menu, click the keywords tab.
3. Click on the ‘+’ button
4. Select the ad group in which you want to add the broad match modifiers.
5. Go to “Add Keywords”; enter the targeted words you want your potential customers to search for. Add ‘+’ sign before each word.
6. Now click save.


These are the steps when you are creating new broad match modifiers. But if you are already using broad match type then you can add modifier by implementing the following steps.


1. Sign in to your Google Adwords account.
2. Click the “Keywords”, displays on the left-hand side of page menu.
3. Hover over the keyword that you want to revise. Click on the pencil icon to modify it.
4. Simply add the ‘+’ sign before any word that you wish to convert into the broad match modifiers.
5. Click “Save.”


This process can be repeated for other keywords as well which you want to modify.


Note: Don’t vacate the space between the ‘+’ sign and the word you want to modify.


Correct: +Cotton +Clothes
Incorrect: + Cotton + Clothes


Benefits of Modified Broad Match


Increase Traffic Relevancy


Modified broad match increases the traffic relevancy to your web page. Unlike the broad match, it brings only the relevant audience to your ad which comes with the exact and similar search query. Thus it generates better-targeted traffic and hence increases the click-through as well as the conversion rates.


Save Time And Cost


Modified broad match efficiently saves time and money by managing negative keywords in a more stringent way. Broad match lets your ads to trigger for synonyms or less similar search queries as well. While the modified broad match is totally different from it. It only allows your ads to be initiated with very close search options and hence saves money by managing the negative or inappropriate keywords.


Easily Modified


Another benefit of broad match modifier is that it can be easily simply by adding a plus (+) sign in the prefix of broad match. You can improve the relevancy without deterring too much traffic volume.


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