Gmail’s Confidential Mode For Android And IOS Users

Email News admin August 20, 2018
Gmail Confidential Mode

This year Google has come up with various changes in its Gmail services. Currently, the important news hitting the IT market is the Confidential Mode for Android and IOS users. For Gmail web users, this service was noticed earlier this year and now mobile users are facilitated with the same.


Users need not update their Android or IOS app to start this mode; instead it will automatically be updated through a server-side. This mode will enable users to send emails that will self-destruct after a fixed duration of time. In simple words, it offers the feature to delete the sent mails from receivers’ inbox after a fixed time.


Mobile users can see this mode while composing the mail. For this, individuals have to open the Gmail account and ‘Options’ tab will appear on the right side clicking on which will take to Confidential Mode. Click on this tab and choose the time duration within which you want your Emails to get automatically deleted. You can set the time from 1 day to 5 years.


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