Facebook Messanger & Chatbot Marketing Summit Will Held On 20th September

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FREE Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Marketing Virtual Summit

MobileMonkey will organise an exclusive virtual summit on Facebook Messenger & Chatbot Marketing. This free virtual conference will have 8 speakers who will guide the way to use Facebook Messenger chatbots in an engaging way to accelerate the lead funnel in this digital marketing industry.


The eminent speakers of the summit with their agendas are:


  • Mari Smith (Small Business and Facebook Marketing Expert) – 7 Steps to Relationship Building and Boosting the Bottom Line with Facebook Messenger Bots


  • Larry Kim (MobileMonkey CEO and Co-founder) – Intro to Chatbots and Facebook Messenger Marketing


  • Virginia Nussey (MobileMonkey Content marketing Director, Chatbot Marketing Master Blaster) – 9-Point Guide to Chat Blasting Like a Master Blaster


  • Isaac Rudansky (AdVenture Media Group CEO & Top Udemy Course Instructor) – 15 Foolproof Facebook Messenger Chatbot Use Cases


  • Dennis Yu (CTO of BlitzMetrics, Award-Winning facebook marketing Speaker) – 10 Real-World Chatbot Case Studies from Trendsetting Brands


  • Samir Elkamouny (Fetch & Funnel Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder) – Scale Up! 3 Real-World Strategies to Get More Customers Through Facebook Ads & Messenger Bots


  • Dan Golder (MobileMonkey Product Manager, Facebook Messenger Growth Hacker) – How I Got Ten Million Facebook Messenger Marketing Contacts



Event Speakers

The areas which will be in focus on the summit are:


  • How to get more ROI than likes via Facebook Ads


  • How to grow the Facebook Messenger contact list


  • How to effectively mass message to the all contacts of Facebook Messenger


  • How to grow with chatbot marketing strategies


  • What is upcoming in Facebook


  • Strategies to crush the Messenger marketing


  • Advanced funnels strategy to convert


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