Facebook Marketing Myths That You Should Ignore

Facebook admin August 21, 2018

We all are acquainted with the importance of Facebook marketing channel and probably you may be working on its various strategies to boost your business branding. There are plenty of advice you might be getting to accomplish your task but do you blindly follow all of those? Probably not and even you should not. Every business and every marketing platform has the different tactics that work for it. And obviously, you should test whether these strategies are worthy for your business or not.  We have also researched and tested whether all Facebook marketing tips suit our business the best and landed over the conclusion ‘no’. Not all advice goes right; some are just the myth which we often follow.  Stop believing on some of the following common myths and explore your brand.


Posting of irrelevant information is the reason behind falling of your organic reach.


First of all, the above sentence not at all means that you should not post the relevant and appropriate content. Obviously, it is very important to showcase the content which is related to your business. But rather than giving only the business information, bring something unique and interesting to your audience. For example, you are marketing for your hotel then posting information regarding it is definitely good. But if you can highlight some interesting things about the city, its culture, food etc then your visitors will attract more and you can drive more traffic to your page. Throw some exciting images, quotes, and videos that can engage visitors to your page, no matter the content completely resembles your business.


You are not posting the content at an appropriate time.


Now, Facebook has become the most accessible app. People often visit twice, thrice and even more a day to their Facebook page. You might be concerned for the right time of posting but make sure you do not always stick to the same time for the post. Just carry out your own test. Go with the random content posting, whichever is the timing and then analyze the best post duration. Facebook algorithms often change and so are your posting strategies.


You are posting very limited or too often content.


Some businesses achieve success by posting content once in a week while some get the same by bombarding the content. Similar to the no real posting timing there is no ideal number of posts for a Facebook page. First, find what actually works with your business and plan your strategies accordingly. If your business requires numerous content posting then don’t hesitate in doing so and vice versa.


Newsfeed doesn’t give space to brand posts.


If someone says that brand posts are not visible in the news feed then don’t believe it blindly. If you have a personal Facebook page, then you must have gone through the news feed and viewed what people are posting. It’s all about the interaction and interest of your audience whether they visit your content or not. So it would be worthwhile if you research on what your visitors want to see and post the similar ones.


Image posting is the best part to go with.


Many people consider that images perform well as compared to that of other sorts of content. Obviously, image optimization is the great part of Facebook marketing but it is not the entire part of it. Text updates and videos are also worthy to your business. Provide a mixed content to your audience tie them with your Facebook page. If you have something valuable information for your users, don’t bother about the type of content. Just go with the post.


Here are some Facebook marketing myths we have tried to update you. If you are also aware of any such myths that you have learned are not real, just post in the comment section below.

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