Everything You Need to Know About YouTube, History of YouTube

YouTube admin November 26, 2018

YouTube is a grand video hosting platform. It was originally formed in 2005 later in 2006, it was purchased by Google in 2006. YouTube evolved from a simple video sharing site to one of the most powerful platforms that can be easily used by both amateurs as well as professionals.

YouTube is automatically registered when you have your Google Account. It is a dais that allows users to view, edit and upload the video files. Along with watching videos, the users are allowable to like or dislike it and leave the comments about how they liked the video. It is also possible to even subscribe to the channels that a user finds interesting so they are notified when the next video comes from the same channel. In addition to the viewing content services, YouTube let the users rent as well as purchase commercial videos through Google Play with a premium subscription service and features original content like Netflix, Amazon Play etc.


In order to understand essential and brief details of YouTube, here are a few points that are to be discussed.


History of YouTube


Undoubtedly, it is the strongest medium to reach a huge amount of mass with any type of content across the globe. Nonetheless, it was started in 2005 in a garage integrated with uploading videos. The first ever video posted on YouTube had the title Me At the zoo and it was uploaded on April 23, 2005. YouTube was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. All of them worked together for PayPal. YouTube had its fast progress, in the summers of 2006 it had a record of hosting more than 65,000 videos. In July it delivered an average of 100 million views per day. Later when YouTube was not earning the required profit, it was purchased by Google in 2006.


Watching videos


You can simply visit www.youtube.com to watch videos on YouTube. The videos embedded in other locations for example- websites and blogs are also available on the site that enables people from anywhere to get it for free on their watch list. Here the owners of the video are allowed to restrict the audience by making a video private or only certain watcher just by disabling the aptitude to embed the videos. Along with this, YouTube also allows some video creators to charge the audience for watching their videos.


Watch Page and formats of videos


The watch page is the page that hosts videos on YouTube. It is also known as the home page for the site. It is the page that holds all the public information about a video. A user is allowed to either access directly through the link to the watch page of a video or if the creator has allowed, users can directly embed the video from own website. The best part about YouTube is that one can watch it through a variety of devices like several smart TV platforms, Xbox, PlayStation, Roku, and ChromeCast. If we talk about the format of the videos then YouTube uses HTML 5 to stream videos. It is the standard format which is supported by a majority of the software like Firefox, Safri, Chrome, and Opera. These videos can be easily played on mobile devices as well.


Discovering Video


Finding a video on YouTube is very easy, you can simply search the videos by typing keywords (in the search column) that are usually typed to find the content or clip. One can type the keywords and it is scanned and presented with the most popular relevant videos. You can also find the producers of the videos and subscribe them. It will give you a notification the next time they upload a video on their channel or account. There is a huge number of channels that continuously produce flawless content, to not miss their content people usually subscribe to the channel.


Communities On YouTube


One of the major reasons behind YouTube’s popularity is that it fosters a sagacity of community. People cannot just view the clips but they can also rate, comment and share their thoughts about it which makes the users respond to their comments. It automatically creates a community and spreads a light premise.


YouTube and copyright


Along with the original content, there is a trend of copying/ downloading the original content like TV shows and movies and uploading it. Undoubtedly, the YouTube experiment in numerous ways to resolve this problem and originally uploaded videos had a limit of 15 minutes. After several years and a few high contour proceedings later, YouTube has now an automatic copyright violation detection for a wide set of content. It is still sidestepped, but the amount of pirated content on YouTube has now diminished. For keeping the content YouTube aids at providing content on rent or purchase.


Uploading Videos on YouTube


In order to upload a video on YouTube, the user has to register themselves. In case you already have a registered Google, you can simply go to YouTube and get started. The most popular format to upload YouTube includes.WMV, .AVI, .MOV and .MPG files. YouTube automatically converts the files into this format once after we upload it. It is possible for anyone to record Google+ Hangouts on the Air directly to YouTube or use other methods for live streaming video content from laptop or phone.

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