8 Email Marketing Tips Every Small Business Owners Should Know

Email admin June 4, 2018

For every small business owner, it is very important to create brand awareness regarding the products. The email marketing is one of the best ways to stick the name on the consumers’ mind. A well-planned email campaign can make the right impression to convert the potential customer to the loyal buyer.


The entrepreneurs who have just started their ventures, either offline or online, can gain huge success with this marketing mix. Email marketing manages to earn handsome ROI for the business owners. As per the latest research, if you spend at least one dollar in the email marketing, you can expect an average income of forty-four dollars. If you are not convinced still now, then here are some facts regarding email marketing ROI.


* At least 44% of the email receivers make minimum one purchase influenced by the promotional mail every year.


* 7 people out of 10 confess using the coupon code on the email for the special discount.


* According to the same study, 56% of small business owners are planning to increase the email marketing plan in the coming year.


Like any other campaign, to attain sure success in email marketing, you need to follow few tips. To start your own campaign, here are some tips for the best possible result.


1. Easy Subscription and Un-subscription 


To let your customers choose to receive offers from your end; you need to add a subscription box on your website. This is the best way to reach the people who are actually interested in your service. You should make this registration process an easy business for them as all the users may not be technically sound as you. Another important point regarding this is to make the process less time taking. The users should not spend much time in some complex process of registration. Remember, all you want is their correct email addresses.


Many times, the business owners don’t provide an easy un-subscription process in the fear of losing customers. But an uninterested receiver will not be interested in your product anymore. It may invoke other people’s anger and frustration which they can vent on the social media platform. So always put a clear and separate unsubscribing link on the email you will send to them.



2. Welcome Mail To Greet Users


Every subscriber should receive a welcome mail after the subscription. On that email, tell them clearly what they are going to receive from your end. It may be company update, weekly sale, daily deal or tips and tricks. Try to give them as much as required information as possible about your company, product and the type of email marketing they sign up for. It will be great for a first time subscriber to receive a special gift or customized email. And don’t forget to thank them for showing loyalty to your company.


3. Apt Design For The Brand For Easy Connection


The design of the email must represent your brand of product or service. Do not try too out of the box which may end up in vague design that your consumers cannot connect. If you are using the template then try to match the color of it with your logo. All the consumers must have the look and feel of your brand from the very first look.


4. Scannable Email For Fatser Attention  


In this busy world, your consumers who are receiving many emails every day don’t have much time for undivided attention. So try to divide your email content in such interesting way that it will catch their attention instantly. You need to break up the material into small paragraphs with the catchy subheading. Add images as per the requirements. The heading of the mail must reveal what in store for the readers. There must be ‘Read more’ link for the interested buyers who want to explore your product or information. And most importantly, the subject line of the email must be short, crispy and relevant.



5. Customized Service To Please The Users:   


One size fits all is certainly not the apt formula for email marketing. You must offer different newsletter service to the diverse groups of readers. You should also take care that the content of the email must be relevant to that particular group of receivers. You should add checkboxes in the subscription box to know about the interest of the subscribers. There must be the separate list of the customers by which you can differentiate the groups. You can send an email regarding a store sale only to the customers located near you. If the content of the email engages your readers then they surely love to share it with their friends.


6. All Devices Optimized For Better Result:


Nowadays, more than 54% emails are opened from the hand-held devices. So never forget to optimize your device for the mobile. The newsletter must be easily digestible in every device not to miss out new sales as well as customers. The readability of the email must be great because there is no use of the content if they will not able to read it.



7.  Link All Social Media Profiles:


For a brand, you need to be credible in every possible platform for your consumer. You have to link your social media profiles with the newsletter so that your consumer can get in touch. When they are subscribing to your newsletter, it indicates that they are interested in the update of your company. The social media pages of the company are the best place to get updates frequently. But ensure that the content and offer of the social media pages are different than the email otherwise people will lose interest in your campaign.


8. Organize Through Publishing Calendar:


You need to maintain a gap between all of your newsletters you designed to cater the consumer. Do not load the inbox of the consumers with too many emails. On the other hand, don’t go several days without posting so that your customers may have forgotten about your company. In either case, they may end up reporting spam for your emails. So take some time to plan your email campaign and make a publishing calendar for it.



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  1. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but affter looking at some of the posts
    I reaalized it’s new to me. Regardless, I’m definitely happy I discovered it and I’ll be
    bookmarking itt and checking back regularly!

  2. Hi! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after looking at some off the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Regardless, I’m definitely happy I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it
    and checking back regularly!

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