Google Bomb - Idiot

A New Google Bomb On Trump As Idiot

  Since George W Bush, it has become a tradition in the US to create Google bomb for the present president. And Donald Trump is the new addition to this list. If you search for the word ‘idiot’ in Google...
Google News July 21, 2018
Google Has Been Fined $5 Billion By European Union

Google Has Been Fined $5 Billion By European Union

European Union has shocked everybody by putting a fine of $5 billion on the search engine giant Google. The charge was to force leading cell phone makers to preinstall two of its apps; Chrome and Search in their devices.  ...
Google News July 19, 2018
SEO & SEM experts in NYC

Meet With Your Search Marketing Mentors In NYC | SMX® East

As the technical parameters regarding search engine marketing are evolving at a very fast pace, it is very important for all the digital marketers to keep up the speed and update themselves. And the SMX® East is the huge platform...
Events News July 19, 2018
World Emoji Day

July 17 Celebrate The World Emoji Day

Emoji is an integral part of our daily life virtual conversation. The World Emoji Day falls on July 17 which rejoice the ‘global celebration of emoji’. The day is celebrated all over the world since 2014.   The day was...
Events News July 17, 2018

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