Google Update

Google Medic Update

New Search Fluctuation After Google’s Confirmation Of Medic Update

Google confirmed that the core algorithm which the webmasters have named as Medic update has rolled out completely. But the SEO community still noticed a number of fluctuations in the search result. Danny Sullivan has confirmed on Twitter that they...
Google Google Update News August 14, 2018

No Relation Between AdSense Fluctuation And Core Algorithm Update – Google Confirms

Google AdSense is a great platform to monetize the website’s traffic through advertising. It is a popular way of earning among the webmasters. But in the last few days, most of them are experiencing fluctuation in their AdSense metrics. And...
Google Core Algorithm Updates Is Rolling

One Of The Biggest Google Core Algorithm Updates Is Rolling For A Week

Google is rolling out one of the biggest core algorithm updates of recent times. Though there was a prediction regarding the algorithm among the webmasters there was not much official updates regarding that. Recently, Danny Sullivan, the search liaison of...
Google Google Update News SEO August 7, 2018
Google Local Maps Algorithm

Has Google Rolled Out Local Maps Algorithm Recently?

Lately, have you seen any change in your local search result? When all the web is talking about the big core algorithm update, there may be a local search update too. It is true, that the local ranking and core...