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Matt Cutts & Danny Sullivan At Foo Camp Together

Exclusive: Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan Enjoying Foo Camp

Every year Tim O’Reilly organizes the unconference named foo camp. The motto of the camp is the get-together of the exclusive folks. The most important point is that they ran the event by themselves. For the high level of intelligence,...
Google Photos News August 14, 2018
Google Ice cream

Google Celebrated National Ice Cream Day In Its Own Way

We all enjoy licking the cold creamy ice cream on a hot summer day.  As it is essential for surviving in sweltering days. On Sunday, July 15 we celebrated National Ice Cream Day which is celebrated annually since 1984 on...
Google Google Photos News July 16, 2018
Google Doggler

Have You Met With Grandpa of Google?

Breaking news! Google has its Grandpa! No, we are not talking about any relative of Larry Page or Sergey Brin. Grandpa is the name of an 11-week dog from the Mountain View campus of Google. Lately, the company shared a...
Google Google Photos News July 16, 2018