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Hosting SEO admin July 17, 2018

In today’s time, the viral content has become one of the most important and fruitful marketing tool. This is the best way for any promotional campaign to get instant recognition and hits via social media. Content Delivery Network or CDN is the platform on which developers create great user experience for the viral content especially.


What is CDN?


Every day, almost all the netizens use CDN while reading news, surfing newsfeed or watching video on YouTube but without the knowledge. It is the CDN (Content Delivery Network) which delivers the content on your desktop or mobile faster than usual. CDN is a program which was designed to avoid latency (the delay to load a page onscreen) which generally occurs due to the physical distance of the user and the main server.


To shorten the distance, the CDN stores the cached version of the page in different geographical locations or PoPs (Points of Presence). Every PoP collects the version to enhance the proximity of the website. In a nutshell, you can say that CDN is a way to reduce the virtual distance between the server and user, speed up the loading time and enhance the user experience.


How does CDN work?


The PoP or Points of Presence is catered around the world for CDN. Every PoP is connected with multiple servers to fasten the content delivery process. Every CDN automatically serves the users who are geographically close to them. This way the physical distance between the main server and the users has shorten virtually. CDN improves the transmission speed by creating the cache of all the static data in the region base PoP. But when the cache file is not available in the PoP, it will load the file directly from the main server.


Why do you need to use CDN?


The main target of any business is to improve the user experience and make them committed customers.


Find below the main advantages of CDN to distribute traffic in different servers:


  • Reduced page loading time
  • Balance the load for an effective management
  • Less use of bandwidth
  • Provides secured web application by preventing attacks
  • Improve the user experience


As per the latest report of LoadStorm, 25% people leave the website if your desktop site needs more than 4 seconds to load. On the other hand, the number is much higher i.e 74% for mobile users who have less patience. It is the CDN which will give the users of your site more seamless as well as satisfactory feeling.

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