Best Ways to Build Links With Infographics

SEO admin September 15, 2018
Build Links With Infographics

In the web of digital marketing, there is hardly any online marketer who is unaware of the use of infographics to boost the business branding. Certainly, everyone is familiar with this crucial and most excellent part of content marketing. But do you know, it is also a great source of link building? For newbies, it might be something that may be unheard of.


For those, this blog will prove a right content to explore and enhance the knowledge of link-building with infographics.  Developing the top quality content is not at all important, promoting the same is also very important to increase its reach. Hence, look at the following points and understand how to build links with infographics.


1. Create Avant-Garde Infographic Content


Obviously, the first and foremost step is to create the high-quality infographics for your brand promotion. Make sure the information you are providing in your content is perfectly right and you are not showcasing any false detail. The relevancy is also a very important factor to take care of. A proper research and study are mandatory before highlighting any information in front of the audience. A relevant and good-quality content is the first step towards link building and hence brand promotion.


2. Post Your Ultimate Infographics


After you are done with content creation, the next step is to bring it to the market. Post your infographics the most strategic manner so that it can reach to maximum audience. Make sure you have included both a link to your infographics and an embed code which enable viewers to post the complete content to their site or social media channel. In this way, every time when your user embeds your infographic on their website, it will showcase your entire content and link back to it. Also, make sure your audience is easily accessing all your social sharing buttons and not facing any difficulty in sharing your content.


3. Optimize Social Media Channels


Don’t overlook the significance of social media channels in order to promote your infographics. Make use of social sharing platform to plant the content seeds on various channels like Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn etc and reap the crop of plentiful shares. To make the best use of your infographic, perform a worthy campaign by posting the most fascinating and informative stats, quotes and figures. Each day, you can roll out 2 or 3 posts and tweets some unique highlights on social channels to boost the user engagement and thus to achieve more backlinks.


4. Connect with Key Influencers


Now comes the vital task to perform. Reach out to bloggers and influencers who can share your infographics with their viewers and upsurge your content publicity many times over. Asking someone to post your content is not that much easy as it seems. It first requires you to build a good market reputation and relationship with other marketers and bloggers. You can send them emails and messages asking to check out your content. Such emails certainly develop interest among the audience and they may share the same. You can also offer something worthy of this.


5. Submit To Directories


There are numerous infographics directories that offer you the great platform to share your infographics. Don’t miss to post your infographics content on such directories and promote it to a large audience. This will surely help you towards link building of your content.

6. Submit a Press Release


If you have successfully crafted quality content then don’t miss submit a press release for the same. If you have designed something that is really unique, provocative and newsworthy then there is a great chance to explore the same with the press release. Check out the popular and highly preferred press release websites and go ahead with your infographics submissions. There are various trending press release sites like PR Newswire, PRWeb etc which you can efficiently optimize.


When link-building is your aim, then infographics can be the best option to go with. Follow the best strategies and explore your high-quality content among a large number of audience. We have tried to bring some of the useful points that can bring the best results in the same field. If you think, we have missed some points, please do mention in the comment section below. We welcome all your queries and suggestions on this platform.

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