Beginners Guide To Host A Website

Hosting WordPress admin July 20, 2018
Beginners Guide To Host A Website

After deciding the domain name, the most important task for a website owner is to decide the hosting. If you are too new in this business, then let us tell you that it is the space in the cloud where people can store the files of the website.


Many web hosting companies serve add-on service like data backup, firewall protection, email service, technical support, website building tools, content management service and even domain name registration.


There are two types of web hosting server; Linux and Windows. Depending on your usage and requirements; you can select plans like shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud.


After purchasing hosting from any company, you need to connect it with your domain. Follow the below stated steps to execute the steps.


Steps To Change The DNS Address


The first thing you have to do after getting the hosting you have the Domain Name Servers or DNS where the IP Address will be stored. To up the website, you have to change the DNS of your domain.


  • Visit the control panel of your website (
  • Now insert the verified credentials like email address and password.
  • Now select the domain name for which you need to change the DNS.
  • Go to the Domain Registration tab and click on Name Server button.
  • Now replace the server name with the latest DNS which your hosting company has sent to you.
  • Finally, click on the Update Nameservers button.


Steps To Upload The Website


You have to upload the website to the hosting account after establishing the connection via cPanel or FTP Client. Find below the steps to go live on your website.


Uploading using cPanel


  • You have to log in to your cPanel.
  • Now select the icon for File Manager
  • Click on Web Root and then on Go
  • You have to add the files and folders under the public-HTML and the related domain folder.


Uploading using FTP Client


For the FTP program, you need to connect FileZilla Client. You need to drag and drop all the website files to the /public-HTML/ folder.


Follow the steps to connect with the server via FileZilla:


  • You have to install FileZilla and then open it.
  • Now select the File menu and then click on Site Manager.
  • Click on New Site
  • You have to name the site with your real domain name
  • You need to insert the IP address of your website in the field FTP Address.
  • Insert all the verified credentials
  • A welcome mail will be sent to the mail id.
  • Now set the port to 21
  • Tab on Connect


After the FTP connection is established, you can find the local computer on the left side and the web hosting service on the right.


  • You have to select all the file(s) and folder(s) from the left section which you want to upload.
  • You have to simply drag and drop those files and folders to the right section of the server.
  • You will get a confirmation message from FileZilla after the successful uploading.


Enjoy your new brimming website live! Add some interesting content to compel people to come to your website frequently.

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