Beginners Guide On How to Use Instagram for Business

Business Instagram admin August 6, 2018
Instagram for business

Across the earth, over 800 million active users are actively engaged to participate in Instagram stories. And more than 500 million of these Instagrammers are those who use this social media platform every single day. With the booming popularity of Instagram, almost 250 million contents are shared each day, offering the great advertising opportunities for business branding. Make use of this ultimate piazza and reach your business to a large group of people.


But as a beginner, the question may arise in your mind that how can your brand get the most out of Instagram marketing? Go through this blog which covers every detail regarding Instagram optimization and follow the strategies to build your brand and avail the boosting results.


Steps To Set Up An Instagram Account For Your Business


1. Download the Instagram app from the app store, install and open it.


2. In the sign-up section, enter your email id and tap sign in. You can also log in with Facebook by signing with your Facebook account.


3. Within the Instagram app, go to settings option and drop down to Switch To Business Account.


4. After having a business account, you can also add some important business details like address, contact number, and business hours.


Tips to Optimize Instagram Profile For Your Business


  • Username: Your Instagram username should match the branded usernames of other social media profiles. Note that your Instagram username can’t have any space.


  • Bio: Use a compelling and eye-catching bio which is liable to capture users’ attention. Your bio explains what your business is all about. Include some branded hashtags or business slogans in your Instagram bio to make it more appealing.


  • Profile photo: Company logo is the perfect profile picture if you want to optimize Instagram excellently for your business marketing. Choose a clear image so that people can easily categorize your brand.


  • Website: The only clickable information that appears on your Instagram profile page is your website URL. You can efficiently alter it to promote your latest campaigns and new content.


Steps To Grow More Socially


1. Follow Others


To set up your brand’s Instagram presence, you have to popularize it among numerous users. Follow the bunch of Instagram users and let others know all about your business. List some industry influencers, potential customers and other people who deal with the relevant field and follow them to raise your business presence.


Take active participation in commenting on others content as well and follow those who take part in such discussions.


2. Promote Alongside Your Other Social Media Channels


Cross-promote your Instagram content through your other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. This will help the audience from other platforms to go through your content and hence improves your visitors’ list.


3. Create Content Strategies For Instagram


Content is the soul of Instagram marketing. The more excellently you share and optimize your content, the more you promote your business and bring about the great results. No doubt, this is a tremendous medium for short and even for the long form of content. And with the deliberate Instagram marketing plans, you can admirably build a strong community which will respond quite well to your stories. Your marketing strategies should involve the following points.


4. Build your content pillars


The foremost thing you should focus on is to set a definite theme or subject for your content marketing through Instagram. Whether your business is big or small, local or worldwide, Instagram is all set for you. Let your Instagram content be composed behind the scenes stories, user-generated content, product demos, customers stories etc. These are the perfect pillars for your Instagram content.


5. Proper Posting Time


Test different posting times by providing content at different intervals of time in the beginning. Figure out which time interval fetches you the best results. Create your content calendar and post your Instagram stories on the most favorable time, when you are more likely to get viewers’ attention.


6. Quantity Of Posts


Say no to bombarding of so many posts, it can annoy your followers and you may lose your Instagram followers. Maintain a regular posting schedule and concentrate on quality, rather than quantity of content.


7. Engagement Is Must


Your task does not limit only up to the posting of content. A proper engagement with visitors is also required. Reply to the comments and questions made by your followers and also like and comment on their posts as well.


8. Be Creative


Taking a picture, adding a filter and posting the same, is not at all the right way to creatively optimize your Instagram page. Use captions along with each photo you share and present your business story.


9. Photo And Video Albums

Instagram provides you the opportunity to share up to your10 photos and videos in a single post. Such albums offer viewers the opportunity to swipe and see each piece of content. This is an excellent way to engage your followers with your content.


10. Use Live Videos


You can also upload live video directly through the app post. You can also add filters along with these videos and also have the options to choose the sound as per your choice.


11. Use Hashtags


Relevant hashtags are the effective tool for your Instagram post to get noticed. Make use of right hashtags for your brand and go with the brilliant promotion of your posts.


12. High-quality Images


Share attractive and tempting images to your Instagram post. Visual content is the best way to engage a huge number of visitors to your page. One image says more than thousands of words so it is better to make use of striking images on your Instagram page.


With this blog, we have given you a sufficient information regarding the Instagram marketing. This blog will help you to understand how you can use this social media platform for your business promotion. We hope you would like this content. If you think, we had missed some points, please do mention in the comment section below.


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