A New Google Bomb On Trump As Idiot

Google News admin July 21, 2018
Google Bomb - Idiot


Since George W Bush, it has become a tradition in the US to create Google bomb for the present president. And Donald Trump is the new addition to this list. If you search for the word ‘idiot’ in Google Image, the images of Donald Trump appear all over.


Googlebomb is a tool of the cyber citizens where they can manipulate Google Algorithm and confuse the matrix to show the search result of a particular name which is not associated (officially) to the keyword. George W Bush was the first person who was Googlebombed for the word ‘Miserable Failure’.


This Bomb on Trump was primarily planned by a group of Reddit users. In his latest visit to U.K, the Green Day’s song American Idiot was used during the protests. The Reddit users posted the photo of Trump along with the particular word. This way the Google Algorithm got confused and it shows the images of Trump for the word ‘idiot’.


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