9 Simple But Effective Ways to Increase AdSense CPC

Google Google AdSense admin June 19, 2018
Increase AdSense CPC

As a blogger, underestimating the value of AdSense can take you away from the revenue that you can generate by utilizing it. AdSense optimization is an ultimate option of money making. When we are concerned with Google AdSense, the foremost thing which comes to our mind is to get higher eCPM and to achieve the high cost per click.


Though it often happens that even your website is acquiring huge traffic still you might fail in making appreciable money. Why is it so? And how you can recover this situation? If you are not earning satisfactory revenue even though with large traffic to your website then it’s high time to follow these following points which will certainly help to upsurge AdSense CPC and overall revenue.


1. Concentrate On  Website Niche


If you wish to generate huge revenue with AdSense then picking up the right niche for your website should be your foremost task. Choose the niche which is most looked by visitors. In the list of highly preferred niches, banking, finance, insurance, gaming, real estate, domains, automobile, internet marketing, jobs seek a good position among all. If earning is the aim then these niches could help you lot.


2. Don’t Skip The Keyword


Along with the niche of your website, also put efforts on keywords. Go with an in-depth research and sort out the keywords which are highly searched by the people. Find the profitable keywords and use them in your content. Google algorithm will use those keywords and place the ads accordingly. This will ultimately help you to target the potential customers and to increase the click-through rate.


3. High-Quality Content


Compose the content which is liable to get more click-through rates and cost per click rates from AdSense ads. One should draft the content relevant to one’s website or niche. Avoid content duplication if you want to raise your profit margin. Formulate your content in an answerable form and bring solutions to readers’ queries. Visitors will only land to your blog if it gives adequate information about what they are looking for. Hence top-quality content will undoubtedly ensure higher AdSense CPC rates.


4. Don’t Ignore To Block Ads


Google also facilitates a great option to block any category of ads which you find irrelevant to your niche and is not paying you appreciable revenue. Suppose your website is dealing with internet marketing and SEO then it is sensible to block the ad categories like politics, religion, food etc. These ads will definitely not pay any money to any technical website. This will also give space to relevant ad categories and ultimately increases the CTR.


5. Mobile Responsiveness


Visitors can land to your web page through different platforms like the laptop, desktop, mobile etc. Try to make your website or blog responsive to all devices so as to bring the more targeted audience to it. No doubt, the maximum number of readers comes from laptop and desktop devices but if you succeed in getting the visitors from hand-held devices like mobile then CPC will increase noticeably.


6. Audience Location


Another important factor that you need to consider is the country or location you are targeting. To increase the CPC, make sure you are targeting the country where click rates are high. Create your website or content that is liable to get the audience globally and consequently you can gain more cost per click.


7. Text & Image And Video Format


Google provides you the option to choose the size and kind of ads on your web page. Choose the right format for your ad which effectively fits the space provided.  Also, there are choices about whether to pick the text, image or video AdSense adverts. Experiment and analyze which format make more money for you and ultimately switch to those which are more profitable to you.


8. Analyze Your Ad Placement


Don’t avoid focusing on your ad placement as it is also an important factor which affects the CPC. Take care of right ad placement so as to make it viewed by a large number of audiences. For more clicks and views, place your ads at the top of your web page, on either side of your post, and at the center.

9. Don’t Escape Experimenting


After all these factors, experimenting is another important part of AdSense that you can use. Try to do something new as it will surely pay you good profit margin. You can experiment on the different niche, different ad categories, ad placements and formats that can improve CTR and CPC. Never remain stick to one idea, go with different options.


These are some of the important factors which one can use so as to increase the AdSense revenue. If you are facing any difficulty in any of these points, please mention it in the comment section.


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