7 Tips to Optimize Your Google Maps For Better Result

Google Google Map admin June 6, 2018

There is no use of Google Maps for your business until it shows up in the search result. There are certain tricks which can help the users to gain higher ranking in the Google. Every local business owners must know all those tricks to get the highest result in SERP. The ‘Ranking’ of the Google Maps means your Place should appear on the first page of the Google Search Result because merely any user will go to the next pages for the result.


What are the Ranking Factors of Google Maps?


As per the latest report, Google considers many things apart from proximity and industry category for the ranking of Google Maps. This is really great news for the SMEs which generally have overshadowed by the big enterprises till the new update. Take a look at the tips to rank your business on the Google Maps.


1. Verify Google My Business Properly


Google ranks all the websites and business based on the information it received. So, it is a great idea to inform Google about your business as much as you can. Ensure that all the information you will enter is accurate and relevant. Please take care of the below-stated factors for including information.


  • Information regarding contact and business website: Try to add all the information like the registered address for your business, telephone number and website which you want Google will display to your visitors.
  • Business Hours: If you have any specific business hours, insert that into Google. Add the time of opening and closing along with the holidays.
  • Do not provide any duplicate information: Having more than one phone number or address is a disadvantage to Google. Try to insert the specific and unique information regarding your business.


2. Reviews By The Users


To increase the trustworthiness to the users along with Google, the reviews submitted by the users are always helpful. Google always place the businesses on higher rank in Maps which have the good number of reviews from users’ end. But you can get a few bad reviews sometimes which are totally acceptable. To start the process, you need to copy the link to the Google Review and go to the Google Map listing and click ‘more information’ and copy the link directly. You can also share the link to your social media profile to encourage others to submit the review.



3. Business Category Should Be Accurate


While creating Google Maps listing, ensure that you must select the right category which represents your business. You can also add keywords to reach the relevant audiences. Many of the business owners may not be aware of the fact that Google allows to select up to 5 additional categories for each business. To fulfill your purpose you should utilize all the five. You should add the primary category for the business and use the additional categories for local SEO keywords.


4. Google Maps Should Be Embedded on the Site


You need to embed the Google Maps on your website on the Contact Us page. It is a great way to inform Google your business is actually located in the area. If you want to embed the Google Maps on your website, then just search the name of your business in the Maps and click on ‘Share or Embed Map’. Now copy the link and paste it to the contact page of your website.


5. The Listing Description Optimization


Though Google maps listing has the character limit, you can write the catchy description with the local SEO keywords strategically placing on it. It will help Google to understand the exact location and service area of your business.



6. Use the Local Telephone Number


Generally, Google tracks down the toll-free numbers (800 and 877) as these numbers are used for spamming. It is advisable to use the local telephone number in Google to prove your authenticity. The area code of the number should match with your locality. It will help to provide higher Google Maps ranking.


7. Use Photo in the Google Listing


The best way to establish trust is to add the photo to Google Maps listing. You need to select a perfect photo which represents your business. The photo will display along with the search result. You can easily add that by editing listing on Google Maps.


If you have already enlisted your business on Google maps, then ensure that you have met all the above-stated conditions to put your company on the first page.

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