6 Tips to Maximize Your Ad Revenue On Mobile

Google Google AdSense admin August 2, 2018
Google Adsense - Maximize Your Ad Revenue On Mobile

Nowadays, more than 60% of traffic comes from mobile users. People are more comfortable surfing on their handheld devices. As the website owner, you must look into the opportunity to monetize the traffic. For your mobile website, you have to publish ads in such a way to maximize your revenue. Here are 10 exclusive tips which will you help you to double your ROI on mobile.


1. More Than One Network:


Why depend on one where you can utilize multiple? You should use multiple networks for advertisements. As per the rule, you can use up to 5 networks to generate more ad revenue.


2. Geotargeting:


There is no use to cater ads to the customers who are not from your target location. As the ad publisher, you should set geographic regions to the advertisement. It will definitely boost up your ad performance.

3. Ad Refreshing:


The user doesn’t need to refresh the page to see the new ads instead the ad will refresh frequently by itself. This ad refreshing is a great tool to attract the users to click on the ads.


4. Resize Ads:


The screen size of the mobile and tablets vary hugely. According to the recommendation of the leading digital marketing agencies the mini-leaderboard ads and the medium rectangle are the best suitable for headsets and the leaderboard portrait, leaderboard landscape, and half page ads generate handsome revenue in tablet section.


5. A/B Testing:


You need to utilize the site data of your website of a specific duration to earn more via the mobile ad. A/B testing or split testing allows you to test various sizes, types or even color of the ad. You can test the performance of image vs text ad, different size of the ad and placement & positioning.


6. Machine Learning Optimization:


Through Machine Learning Optimization, you can test different ad units to find out the best suitable for your website. It can also monitor the performance of ad and optimize CTRs.


All of the above-stated tips are especially useful to gain high revenue of mobile ad. If you have tried any other fruitful method, please let us know. State your view in the comment section, we will definitely get back to you.

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