6 Google AdSense Hacks to Drive More Revenue

Google Google AdSense admin July 30, 2018
Google AdSense Hacks

With time, AdSense has become a powerful ad monetization tools for marketers. Best AdSense practices are ruling the market and generating huge revenue for the website owners. But sometimes the AdSense campaigns are failed to drive you more money. The only reason behind the low revenue generation is the lack of better optimization tricks on the website. Managing Ads is often a challenging task for many but this can be made smooth by following these easy yet effective tips.


1. Asynchronous Ad Codes


A good user experience is the vital factor of successful AdSense campaigns.  To achieve make your ad more user-friendly, it is must to improve the page loading speed. Cut down the load time by making use of asynchronous ad tags and boost the page traffic and hence acquire higher CTR.


2. Mobile Ads


Overlooking the mobile and other handheld devices may certainly lower down the revenue generation. Along with the desktop layout, also focus on mobile optimization as well. Create specific and special ad sizes for mobile devices and generate revenue with these devices as well.


3. Geographically Targeted Audience


Go with the detailed analysis of your website traffic. Check which countries are visiting your website the most. Target your ads to those countries where your ads are more likely to make money. There are many Google tools available which help you in discovering the traffic source and thus target your paid audience.


4. Category Blocking And Unblocking


The new AdSense feature provides you the facility to block or unblock categories as per your requirement. Check which category of ads is performing well and which is not. Block those categories which make more clicks but fails in generating revenue. This feature saves your money and targets only the high performing keywords.


5. Create and Optimize Custom Channels


This is another important method to boost the revenue generation through ad features. You just need to set up a custom channel and optimize it for targeting the right audiences. In short, custom channel assists you to efficiently target the right audience with the right ads. This greatly increases the conversion rate and hence upsurges the profit margin.


6. Image Or Text Ads


It is the biggest myth that only image ads perform well and generate revenue for the brand. Don’t neglect the text ads as this may also bring money to you. Optimize both categories of ads and boost up your business profit.


If you wish to generate higher revenue with AdSense then go through this entire blog. It provides you with some important and effective tips that will surely help you to achieve marketing goals. We hope you would like this blog. If you think, we had missed some points, please do mention in the comment section below.


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