5 PPC Marketing Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

PPC admin June 22, 2018
5 PPC Marketing Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid

Any wrong decision can take you towards the falling end of your goal. Same is with the pay per click campaign. Any mistake during setting up of PPC marketing campaign can greatly affect your revenue generation. Your ad, as well as PPC account, will suffer severely if these mistakes will exist as the part of your ad campaign. This is the reason why these PPC mistakes should be avoided.


This blog will update you with some of the common PPC marketing mistakes which you should avoid.


1. Targeting Inappropriate Keywords


Keyword optimization is an important factor of online marketing strategies and so of the PPC marketing. Using inappropriate keywords is the biggest mistake people often do while running PPC campaigns. So many broad-match keywords discover your product in many searches that not at all relate to your ad. Phrase match keywords fit the best here as these are neither too broad nor too exact.


You can also add the negative keyword to the list which allows the screening of keywords and visitors will click to your ad with the relevant search query.


2. Not Focussing the Geo target


Don’t display your ads in the area where it is of no use for the visitors. Let us understand this with an example. Suppose you are providing shuttle service in Northampton only so it is worthless to showcase your PPC ads in other parts of the country. Depending on the type of business and service area take care of the geographical location where your ad is worth to be displayed.


The ad displayed outside the geo-target region will simply waste your click without any benefit.


3. Overlooking your landing page


Forgetting the landing page is one of the big mistakes which people often made while running PPC ad campaign. It often happens you might do an excellent job in attracting visitors through your ad but as soon as they are directed to the landing page, they lose their interest in your product.  All this is due to the quality of your page. An inappropriate and low-quality landing page greatly reduces the sales and leads which ultimately costs you inefficient.


Make sure your landing page is informative, relevant and easy to follow. Any irrelevancy with the ad can force your visitors to bounce to other websites.


4. Ads Remain Permanently To Rotate Indefinitely


This is the biggest mistake often made by a large number of marketers. It is made by those who have multiple ads to show.  As not more than one ad can be run from an account at a time, Google gives the option to rotate those.  Using this ad rotation setting during the testing can be good to analyze which ad is performing well over the other. But “Rotate ads indefinitely” setting simply allows your lower performing ads to get displayed as often as that of higher performing ads for an indefinite period of time. And so it costs negatively to your revenue generation. Hence rather than using this setting it would be good to go with optimization of the ads so as to push high performing ads to serve more frequently.


Avoid this mistake by using this setting only at the time of testing and not on the permanent basis.


5. Paying no attention to mobile app ads


Mobile app ads are equally important while running a PPC ad campaign but very often people ignore this worthy option to make use of. Ads served on mobile apps are the great option to earn clicks and leads. It is the great source of revenue generation as today, a large group of people is accessing mobile apps for their day to day requirement. Hence getting ads from such apps will definitely bring you more profit.


It is good to learn from your mistakes and move towards the right strategies. This blog might help you to analyze some of the common mistakes which come in the way of your PPC marketing campaigns. Leave your comments in the comment section regarding this content.


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