5 Effective Tips To Increase Referral Traffic

SEO admin June 7, 2018
How do you increase referral traffic to your website?

How do you increase referral traffic to your website? Majority of people do it through SEO. But they don’t get enough boost in their search engine rankings? Do you know why? It’s because SEO is a technique that takes time in producing effective results.


For quick and efficient results it’s better that you should use additional techniques such as press releases, social media sites, blogs etc. for driving traffic to your website. In the beginning, increasing referral traffic is quite harder but it’s not at all impossible.


So What Is Actually Referral Traffic?


It’s actually online marketing as it has the ability to send interested as well as potential clients to your website from different domains. You can easily drive referral traffic either through the inbound link or social activity.


Why Is Referral Traffic Important?


Do you know why it’s important? It’s because it sends potential customers to your site from trusted websites. This way you can take your content in front of new customers thus giving your entire site the better chance of converting your new customers into leads.


Sounds good? Want to increase traffic to your website? If yes, check out the below-given referral traffic strategies that will surely help you. Happy Reading!


1. Press Releases


Press releases are the simplest way of getting referral traffic to your website. It’s better to start a press release for any event that you are trying to start such as acquisitions, launching a product, executive changes and so on.


2. Guest Blog Posts


Guest blog posts is another technique by which you can create enough referral traffic to your website. Majority of blogs have author bios, external links as well as call-to-actions on them.


But, there are some important tips that you must keep in mind while doing guest blogging. Let’s have a look on those!


  • It’s better to concentrate on websites that are associated with your industry.
  • While writing a blog, keep your target audience in mind.
  • Remember to write your name after completing the content. After all, everybody wants to get credit for their work.
  • Link your blog to influencers as they can help you in promoting your content.


3. Use Social Networking Sites: LinkedIn, Facebook and Google +


Making use of social networking sites are also an ideal way for bringing enough referral traffic to your website. Remember the platform on which you are working like LinkedIn is quite professional while Facebook and Google + are more casual and friendly.


What are you waiting for? Start sharing your blogs on these social media sites and increase referral traffic to your website.


4. Pinterest


According to a new study by Shareaholic, it has been found that Pinterest has the ability to drive maximum referral blog traffic as compared to Twitter.


If you have not started using Pinterest yet, then better to go for it.


5. Join Blog Community Sites


No doubt there are some amazing blog-community sites around you but make sure that don’t use your energy too much in using them.


The best way is to find the most relevant and popular ones. These sites are not only helpful in promoting your blog but by using these you can also engage yourself with numerous bloggers as well as influencers.


Let’s conclude with this blog. I hope you have enjoyed this post. In case, if you have any query you can post it in the comments section below and we will revert back you with an appropriate solution.


Also, if you have any other tips you can share with us. We will love to hear from you!


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