30+ Social Sharing Sites For Boosting SEO & Traffic Driving

Directory SEO admin September 7, 2018
Social Sharing Sites

In the digital realm, it is a complex job to promote the content as it involves a lot of striving and competition. To promote the content and drive the traffic on a site is not easy; anybody who has tried his hand in SEO would realize that quite well.


To help the content creator to promote their content and boost SEO there are numerous inventors who took in occurrence the SEO boosting sites. To boost the SEO and grab amazing traffic it is essential to have the gen of prominent sites that can truly help. You do not need to worry about it; today we are here with the list of the sites to drive traffic on your content-


1. Twitter


Twitter is one of the widest platforms to boost the traffic for the sites. Most of the time it does not top your mind when you plan on how to drive traffic, but Twitter has a huge audience to move towards the sites.


2. Pinterest


It has more than 50 billion pins appearing in its lifetime, isn’t it enormous? It makes more than 175 million monthly use and most of them are female. Pinterest can be the fabulous platform for heightening traffic.


3. Stumbleupon/ Mix


It is one of the easiest sites to operate and one of the quickest way to boost the site. It offers the same usability and commitment of the traffic as many other big platforms.


4. Dribble


This platform offers a special corner for the designers. It is a creative bookmarking.


5. Delicious


As the name the site bring delicious outcome and revenue for the content.


6. Pocket


The pocket users can hold on to anything they find on the internet. The best part about this platform is you can access it without an internet connection.


7. Digg


Any of the great content does belong to Digg, it is one of the best places to boost the traffic and generate the revenue.


8. Folkd


It offers the most distinctive search features, this platform guarantees the raise in the traffic.


9. Reddit


There is nothing a user cannot find on Reddit for promoting the content. Riddit is a flawless option if you are looking for something to promote.


10. Fark


This platform works on two conditions first, the commitment quality and second it is not for any weak content.

11. BizSugar


This place is mostly for contents regarding the start-ups and marketing. This bookmarking platform is especially for marketing and brand promoting business.


12. Slashdot


This platform is the techie at heart, it is an ultimate bookmarking site. It is best for gaming, cloud computing, computer hardware.


13. Trendiee


It is a perfect platform for the people who fall for news vines, it is extremely easy to operate and perform on Trendiee.


14. Diigo


It is an amazing bookmarking site for the academic type. It is a perfect platform for the educator, researchers as well as students.


15. We heart it


We heart it is much more than just the submission of the content. It is great visual. This platform is so much of inspiration for anyone who loves imaginary things.


16. IT 


This site offers the solution for content creation, content analysis and content intelligence. This platform aims towards the professionals.


17. Bibsonomy


It is a premiere bookmarking site for business and content.


18. Pearltrees


It is quite a simple site which is also the best feature of it. Pearltrees offer a platform to gather and share variety of great content.


19. CiteUlike


It is a free service for storing and organizing the articles.


20. DZone


This is one of the most preferred sites for boosting the traffic. It is basically for the technology lovers.


21. Medium


This platform is typically used to share personal stories and tales.


22. SlideShare


It is an amazing platform yet offering a typically easy operation. You can share the powerpoint presentations.


23. Quora


This site is a question and answer based platform.


24. Facebook


There is no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social networking site. It is one of the fastest medium to make a content go viral.


25. Flipboard


It flaunts the world’s story. If you wish to share knowledge and experience, you can connect with it. It keeps informed and involved.


26. Feedly


It has more than 15 million users. Feedly one of the most popular platforms to share content and boost traffic.


27. Instapaper


The best part about Instapaper is that it offers to save the content and read it anytime anywhere.


28. Googleplus


It is Google’s own social network. It allows you to post the content and connect with the other members.


29. Kirtsy


Initially it was just a content aggregator and now it allows the slide show, art, design and pins.


30. LinkaGoGo


It is one of the earliest sites that came into existence. It allows dynamic bookmarking.


31. LinkedIn


LinkedIn already has more than 500 million users. It has a great audience reach so it offers a fabulous boost of content.

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