15th Anniversary of Google AdSense

Anniversary of Google AdSense

Google is celebrating 15 years on AdSense by producing a video called “15 Words To Sum Up 15 Years”. The dashboard of AdSense is decorated with colorful balloons flying through the display. The video consists of the different factors like platform and value of the program to the AdSense publisher.


If you don’t know, what AdSense is; then let us explain to you that it is the monetize program of Google where the publisher can display advertisement on the website. It is a worldwide service of Google which helps many people to fulfill their dreams like hiring the new team, purchasing the home or getting married.


As per the latest report, more than 14.3 million websites are using Google AdSense. In the first quarter of 2018, the net income of Google’s parent company Alphabet is $31.1 billion of which $26.6 billion was earned through the advertising service.



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