11 Important Facebook Engagement Strategies That Can Bring You More Customers

Facebook admin June 1, 2018

Facebook has rooted itself as the preeminent social media platform, performing well in the field of digital marketing. It is a great solution for the best online business promotional activities. An appreciable visitors’ engagement to your official Facebook page will certainly act as the booster for your brand. As a new marketer engaging the visitors sometimes become a difficult task. For those who wish to achieve their marketing goals but wondering how to get the better engagement of the fans, these valuable tips will definitely help a lot.


1. Take Care Of Perfect Timing


Posting any Facebook content at the perfect time is a great way to drive huge traffic to your page. Taking care of the right timing is very important if you wish to increase the likes, comments and other such activities on your Facebook post. The best result will come when your followers are highly active on the social media platform.


You can use Facebook tools for the assistance to plan the schedule. There are various Facebook features available which give you the flexibility to test various posting times.




2. Analyse Your Crowd-Pleasing Posts


Looking insight into your posts can assist you in analyzing the most sought–after the Facebook post. Don’t slip-up by treating such posts as normal, rather consider it valuable. In this way, you can track the visitors’ engagement that which type of content is more liable to seek their attention. Take some effective steps to crack up the same magic on social media.


Also, take a look at Facebook Analytics and check what is most viewed by people and try to compose such content for future posts as well.


3. Ask Questions


Create an excellent communication with your fans by posting some interesting questions which fascinate them to answer. This is the best way to spark the dialogue with your Facebook followers. It is undoubtedly the easiest and most effective way to get individuals to reply to your posts. Invite them to respond by posting questions about their favorite stuff, experiences, events etc.


4. Host Facebook Contests And Giveaways


Contests, puzzles or quizzes greatly attract the visitors and play a vital role in increasing Facebook engagement. Such contests greatly create excitement among the users and they are more likely to visit your Facebook page recurrently to check if they have earned any reward. Providing giveaways certainly cost feasible to you and so can be the best part of contests.


5. Frequency Of Posting


Adjusting the post frequency is another imperative part of seizing the high Facebook engagement. Neither very little posts will help you in building your brand reputation nor the bulk one. Go with the guidelines to pick the best number for the same.


It is found that pages posted once or twice a day is 40% more likely to receive higher user engagement than that of those which has more than 3 posts a day. Don’t give stress on the quantity of the content but put your efforts on quality posts.



6. Share Valuable Curated Content


Don’t always try to promote your business on the Facebook page. This may disinterest among the visitors. If you want to engage a large number of users then share a curated content which best matches with their interest.


Let your social media page flourished with the mix contents that on one side promotes your business and on the other side hold relevancy with the visitors’ choice.  You can use social media tools that curate content for specific viewers.


7. Use Compelling Photos


An image is worth tons of words, then why not we utilize this stimulating and commendable idea to raise Facebook engagement. Pictures attract the visitors more as compared to that of written posts. These are clear and take little time to understand.  You can also use graphics that can compel visitors to go through it.


8. Shorten Your Posts


Try to keep your posts as precise as you can. It would be good to speak more with few words. Long posts often skip the chance of acquiring visitors’ engagement. Don’t lose the opportunity to build the Facebook engagement and post the content which is brief but informative.


10. Respond To Everyone


Don’t forget to prioritize the replies and comments made by the visitors. If anyone is spending his/her time in commenting on your comment, it should be your very essential task to reply in favor.


People overwhelmingly come to your posts to probably create the communication with you and to know more about the brand. Consequently, responding them is the best way to let them stay on your Facebook page.


11. Live videos


Facebook facilitates the best option for live videos. Make efficient use of it as it is the key to greater Facebook engagement. Go behind the scenes with the best features of live video. It is the ultimate way to take your Facebook visitors to company events and other activities.



12. Build An Emotional Connection


If you wish to draw more responses from your Facebook followers, post the content which connects them emotionally. The post which builds an emotional connection with viewers is more likely to improve the Facebook engagement. Share content which illustrates stories that pull people’s curiosity. Emotions very often build up trust and loyalty among people and thus considered a great connecting factor.


Making these little changes will definitely help your Facebook page to acquire viewers’ attention and generate clicks, likes, and comments. If you are facing any confusion, comment in the below section.


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