10 Killer Strategies For Using Hashtag In A Better Way

SMO admin August 30, 2018
Using Hashtag In A Better Way

Today is the age of hashtags. Everything we do, everything we eat, everything we wear represents via hashtag on social media. The trend has begun with Twitter and with time it has become popular on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook too. This tactic is being hugely used by the digital marketers to spread the awareness regarding one business houses. Find here some strategies to get the most useful out of these.


1. Choose The Platform Wisely


You must have the understanding regarding the social media. The strategy and desired result of the program will differ from platform to platform. According to the latest study, it has been revealed that the post with hashtags in Twitter has double engagement than the post without it. But it has to be one as more than one significantly drops the engagement.


2. Few or Many


It is a really annoying habit to read the post with too many hashtags like eight or ten. You need to create your own hashtag strategy exclusively for your product or channel. It is better to use one or two hashtags in Twitter. For Instagram, you can do experiments as per your choice.


3. Question With One Answer


To create a successful hashtag campaign, you can ask question to your audience. It will increase the engagement of the audiences. But always ask a question which has an answer to one word. It will boost the reply instantly. You can also view how different audiences react to the same thing.


4. Understanding Of Hashtag


You can use the hashtag strategy according to the brand or product, trending idea and content related. Use some specific tags which can relate to your product or brands and quite popular too. You can make your own unique brand specific hashtag to make your own mark.


5. Know Your Audience


As all the campaigns are meant for your audiences only, it is your duty to know them. Without knowing what people are thinking about your product, you cannot design a successful campaign. You can do a little local or online survey or ask for feedback from your clients. You will surely have some new marketing idea on how to use the hashtag after the interaction.


6. Live Posting


Going live on social media platforms is the latest marketing mix which marketers can use hugely. You can use event hashtag and go live at the time. It will increase your credibility among them. They can question you with a particular hashtag regarding your brand or product.


7. Catchy Yet Simple


The most important criteria of the hashtag campaign are that one can remember the term easily. Do not use any complicated term for it. But remember to make it catchy enough that people like to remember it.


8. Encourage Audiences To Join The Discussion


The people need to take part in the discussion to increase your brand value. In social media platform starts the discussions as they like to join. You can choose any hot topic of recent time or any other you think can have the interests. Don’t forget to add a hashtag to the discussion.


9. Appropriate Time


You need to start your hashtag campaign just the nick of time. You cannot be too late for a trend. You need to understand the flow of event and prepare a campaign strategy before it will happen. You can find that most of the successful hashtag campaigns are designed a month earlier.


10. Inspiration


Think outside your brand and make some impressive gesture. You can make an inspirational campaign using the hashtags which will effectively communicate with wider range of audiences. Inspirational hashtag is something which easily attracts many people and then take part in it.

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