10 Inspirational Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Business admin June 7, 2018
10 Inspirational Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Do you know how to become a successful entrepreneur? In today’s fast-paced world, in order to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you know your entire business and its functioning well.


Below we have compiled a list of few books for startup businesses that are quite inspiring.


1. Shoe Dog


Shoe Dog


The super success icon, Bill Gates has recommended this book. This is an inspirational biography by Nike’s founder Phil Knight. In this book, they have shared the entire journey of their struggles they went through in the beginning stage.


You must read this book if you are an aspiring entrepreneur.


2. The Hard Thing About Hard Things


The Hard Thing About Hard Things


In this book, Ben Horowitz talks about various startups. This book can give you a true picture of hard struggles that generally every startup goes through. This book also tells how true work is appreciated. In short, this book is all about hard things.


3. Zero To One


Zero To One


Peter Thiel, one of the most legendary entrepreneur talks about how to run a business effectively in this book. This book also tells how one can build their future in the right manner. This is the book many entrepreneurs are preferring these days.


4. Take Me Home


This is one of the best start-up novels by Rashmi Bansal. This book is a story of 20 people from a small town in India who thought to make their business works and finally, they did it successfully. Read this book if you feel that things are impossible.


5. The Underage CEO’s


This is one of the most inspiring and motivational books for every entrepreneur. This book talks about eleven persons who started their business too early just after completing their college education.


In total, this book is all about the startups. In recent times, this book is falling under the list of best-selling books, especially for startup entrepreneurs.


6. I, Steve


In this inspiring book, Steve jobs, one of the famous legendary talks about new innovations and better ideas for every startup entrepreneur. You will find around 200 quotations in this book. This is considered as one of the best books for every entrepreneur.


7. Outliers


Malcolm Gladwell, one of the famous author talks about success and the ways to accomplish it in this book. This book tells to overlook the achievement of our successful idols instead tells to concentrate on how they accomplished it.


8. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People


This book can make your entire life more fruitful and productive. This is an amazing book about discipline, planning, and self-control. Sold more than 10 million worldwide, this book can be a good enough reason for you to try.


9. The $100 StartUp


The $100 StartUp


This book written by Chris Guillebeau is a simple fun-filled book that talks about inspiring stories of successful entrepreneurs. Focus on small or startup businesses, this book motivates one to think in a creative manner.


10. Hooked


This book by Nir Eyal is the best book for startup entrepreneurs who are finding ways to create a product that will attract users. How emotions play an important role in managing one’s behavior is one of the most engaging discussion that you will find in this book.


If you properly applied the principle of this book to your product then you can surely reach a startup success.


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