10 Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Facebook Page

Facebook SMO admin August 22, 2018
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Are you all set with your business Facebook page? If so, then it’s high time to work upon some of the effective strategies that can build followers to your page. Obviously, there are many ways to drive traffic to your Facebook page. But rather than paid ways like ads, why not we could switch to some free ones for driving Facebook traffic. Before investing money in buying ads, first, try some easy and free strategies that will help you to engage more visitors to your Facebook page. With this blog, we are providing you some interesting tips that you can implement to increase your organic post reach.


1. Host Interesting Contests


Host some exciting Facebook contests like “like and win”, “tag and win” or some voting contests. Through this, the participants of your Facebook contest will reach to their friends and ask for votes. Their reach to others will ultimately fetch you more fresh eyes on your post and page.


2. Offer Unique Deals


Offer some exclusive deals on your Facebook page coupled with the “Follow” tab. Make sure your deals are exciting and attractive that can compel visitors to follow your Facebook page.


3. Run A Giveaway


Similar to the exclusive deals, giveaways also perform well in driving traffic to your Facebook page. Running the giveaways provide a great opportunity to collect the email addresses of those who land for these giveaways. You can effectively make use of these email address while carrying out marketing strategies.

4. Regular Posting


To engage more visitors to the website, regular content posting is the important task you should never avoid. You cannot drive huge traffic with merely a single content and hence it would be good to give choices to your visitors. Make sure you put your efforts on regular posting and not on bombarding a lot.


5. Engage with Visitors


Don’t ignore responding to your users. Participate in the conversation with them by replying to their comments and questions. Also, like and comment on their posts. Your comments and replies will successfully bridge the gap between you and your users and your responsive behavior will drive more traffic to the Facebook page.


6. Content on Current Events


Research on the topics which are in-demand. Know which subject is catching visitors’ attraction and so work on those. Post the content which is according to market demand and deals with current events. This is the smart way to drive visitors’ attention and hence to increase the number of followers.


7. Keep Your Page Updated


Always keep your Facebook page updated with the latest news and information about your brand and business. Let your followers know all about your work, strategies and performing results. If you are putting your efforts in showcasing some interesting information about your business, you will more likely to retain your Facebook followers.


8. Infographics Work Well


A post with infographics seems more interesting than the usual ones. People generally prefer content which highlights some excellent images and data. Rather than reading the whole right-up, they would like to view an infographic post.


9. Use Other Social Media Platform


Make effective use of other social media platforms to promote your Facebook post. With this strategy, you can share your content to multiple channels and hence can boost the Facebook traffic.


10. Short and Simple


Post the content which is short and simple. Obviously, you need to be creative if you want to drive visitors to your Facebook page. Give unique and exclusive information with our post. Don’t make your content too big, else your users will bounce from it. Make it short and descriptive.


We hope you would like this content and implement these free ways to drive more traffic to your Facebook page. If you have any suggestion and queries regarding this blog, please do mention in the comment section below.

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